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Guest blogging is wonderful. Before you submit your final “write for us” blog pitch, you should give some suggestions. Please, contact us via our contact page or you can send your article along with a feature image at forbsdaily@gmail.com, and we will refund you as soon as possible. Once we publish the content, it will be accessible on the site for readers.

If you are a professional writer and can write in the following categories such as write for us technology, health write for us, home improvement write for us, finance write for us, technology write for us, decoration write for us, business write for us, write for us fashion, write for us lifestyle, write for us fashion, write for us travel, write for us education, write for us education, write for us sports, write for us real estate for us, write for us home improvement and envy to provide valuable information, teach or impart your knowledge to our readers, you can send your instructions, how-to articles, comprehensive reviews, inclinations, case studies or ratings for our consideration.

Kinds of the content we do publish on our website:

Here is a catalog of what we publish from guest sponsors:

“How to” blogs signed for our website and newsletter three times a week

Podcast episodes throughout which we discuss guests

Summaries of research findings based on surveys, reviews, and research studies conducted by marketers, academics, PR firms, and other researchers

Signed thought leadership articles (op/ed type articles), but we only take those that offer primarily valued insights, visions, and viewpoints that simply cannot be found elsewhere

Original Info-graphic Source: Offer the URL where the info-graphic was previously posted so we can link back to the source.

Although we welcome guest writing on many topics, many guest writers struggle to develop concepts for plays. We’ve piled up a list of ideas to help you start.

How to find us?

  • “Write for us” technology
  • Health “write for us”
  • Home improvement “write for us”
  • Finance “write for us”
  • Tech “write for us”
  • Home decor “write for us”
  • Business “write for us”
  • Fashion “write for us”
  • Lifestyle “write for us”
  • Fashion “write for us”
  • travel “write for us”
  • Education “write for us”
  • Event “write for us”
  • Sports “write for us”
  • Real estate “write for us”
  • “write for us” home improvement

This is not an exhaustive list of everything you want to know on the subject. You can deliver all references that do not fall into this category.

To submit your content, you must email us at this email address forbsdaily@gmail.com.

Some important guidelines to consider for guest posting:

Here are the strategies we assume you will follow in case you need to post your opinions on our blog.

Item length:

Please offer a well-researched educational blog having a minimum of 700 to 2000 words as it would be appealing to the public and capable with search engines. Therefore, please ensure that your item meets this first obligation of ours.


It would be helpful if you chose a topic related to our blog for your essay. This will certify that your content will be uploaded to our blog, preferably. Thus, you should ensure that your written articles and submissions are related to our blog categories.

Internal and External links:

You may insert two back-links to your blog if your article is related to our categories. However, we only allow two Do Follow links, which are appropriate and relate only to your blog. You must also add at least one internal link.

Sell ​​stuff:

You should ensure that you do not use guest blogging to promote or advertise other commercial goods or sites, as this falls under the advertising industry. If you are looking for a supported publication lead, you can contact us with the topic title “Advertising and Sponsor”.


Your blogs should be positive and authoritative. If you need to look at the samples, you can check out the previously published articles on our website.


Make sure to send us your articles that are associated with the following niches and categories:

  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Way of life
  • Some products
  • And much more

It will be a fancy source for our blog if your blogs are connected to it. Also make sure that you don’t provide us with completely different descriptions, as they would probably not be published.

Write for readers:

You must write the articles in a way that takes into account your character and your words. Remember the best audience and keep the articles appealing enough.

Make your blog readers friendly:

When the content is friendly, it converts a lot more information to read since your memo would be passed on to them. Plan your articles in a method that includes a linked title, subtitles, and significant terms in bold. Likewise, use chips wherever you feel the need.


Adding visuals to an article would capture the attention of readers. Therefore, make sure that you include relevant images, info-graphics, and videos with the correct attribution wherever essential in the article.

No addition of affiliate links:

We do not hijack associated links inside articles as this will damage the status of our website. If you would like to promote your associated link or advertisement, please get in touch with the subject name “advertisement”.


It would help if you never post copy-pasted articles from other sites. We will never accept plagiarized messages. If we learn that you are providing us with plagiarized articles, we will remove them immediately. We are stepping up the hard work of others, and so you must be.

Time is of the mind when it comes to writing.

To save everyone time, submit about 2-3 headline concepts and a short description of what your post will cover. This way, we can select the one that would be the most motivating! Choose two or three possible titles for your blogs before you even start.

If you’re nominated as a guest writer, we’ll contact you via email with more details and the next steps! At this point, we ask you to describe the blog before you start writing.

Real estate write for us

If you are concerned that a real estate guest will post an article on the site, please email us and your blog will be available on the site.

You must have experience in the real estate industry to write a real estate guest post on our website. You need to know about possessions such as property value and commercial real estate. Only then can you create and write great content for our real estate blog.

We welcome submissions on any topic related to real estate investing for publication online. Prospective authors must disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest, including, but not limited to, any economic interest in any product, business, or commercial venture relevant to their proposal. Failure to do so will result in obviously placed changes.

Tech writes for us

Everyone has the chance to write technology-based content for us, amaze our readers with their writing services, and come up with unique articles for us. Anyone who can provide good content in the tech niche is welcome to link to us, whether they are new authors, expert writers, bloggers, freelancers, or anyone attracted to guest posts. Our team will study your articles. Items may be acknowledged or rejected without reason, but high-quality and exclusive items will not be rejected.

Writers are continually expected to join our team – we welcome writers who can write quality, unique, SEO-optimized blogs at any time. Our goal is to publish your articles on the right sites with the right viewers. It is authoritative to think that we only accept 100% original and unique writing. Anything now published, plagiarized, or copied will not be accepted. To discover our research, write for us + Tech write for us + technology

Travel write for us

The Art of Travel is a leading travel media and publishing house, a mix of a travel compilation, FREE travel directors, and long-form travel blogs.

Are you a talented travel writer trying to find an audience for your fictional masterpieces? Well, you’ve come to the right place – we’re looking for traveling blog writers to generate for us, and we’d love to hear from you!

We would surely like to publish short articles that will edify our readers, divulge exciting new areas to discover, and present the most current events in the world. Our readers are travelers aged 18-40 looking for good times and new skills, whether it’s fun and entertainment, learning about different values or discovering adrenaline-fueled responsibilities when they are far from home.

Write for us:

Education is a major bent for a better society. There are many relevant topics and concepts you can blog about. If you think you’re good at enlightening writing, take the opportunity to be a part of our growing blog. We are always looking for good education content writers who can help students and our readers get concepts and information.

You can contact us if you are an ambitious blogger in the field of educational content and you have motivational stories to share. Our portal supports the education community and provides detailed information on multiple categories of data. We accept Education Write for us guest blogs on many education-related topics.

We would like to receive articles on the given topics:

  • All learning experiences
  • class techniques
  • Information on academic subjects
  • Courses and facilities for studying abroad
  • Career options and progression
  • Student Development
  • Project-based assessment
  • Integration of technology in education
  • Research or information work

Finance write for us

Today, people rely heavily on the web to search for financial help instead of seeing a nearby bank. Take advantage of this option by creating an internet presence for your finance website with Money visitors post explanation offered. Make a strong statement of your validity, skill, and honesty by uploading a rare blog site to many other huge websites in your precise niche & Finance write for us.

We want to hear from you if you have a topic of information that you would like to share with our students. They are a huge way to help people start their businesses and improve their financial situation by sharing their knowledge and know-how. Please write to us about funding to increase your reach, improve your business, build connections, etc.

Benefits of our financial guest post solutions:

Quality Content: You get web content from writers with great ability in your niche. They produce 100% original relevant material that appeals to results.

Particular links suitable for a niche: Our group conducts a study and asks questions about one of the most relevant sites for guest blogging. When found, it is difficult to map these web links by Google or anyone else.

Google Penguin secure: We only comply with Google Webmaster policies, and all of our mechanisms are safe for Google Penguin.

Who is welcome to write to us?

Anyone with sufficient knowledge of many educational segments is welcome to write for us. All soulful educators, passionate researchers, professors, school teachers, and school counselors can write guest posts for us. If you have a new educational topic or sensitive points of view, contact us to submit your “Lifestyle, write for us” article.

Your content should be exclusive, original and 100% plagiarism free. Help our audience of informative contributors produce by sending us all your guest blogging categories.

Hunt your favorite guest posting site and you can communicate with them through their site or email id. So, let’s jump to submit your guest post wherever you can write for them and make your website rank well on the search engine. If you have interest and you can write for all these niches.