Why a Woman Lost Her Interest in You

Why a Woman Lost Her Interest in You

You were finally able to approach the girl you liked and seduce her on the first date. What happiness! It must be said that the beginnings of a romantic relationship are always perfect. Seduction works like magic. You seem to please her and completely charm her. In short, you are on cloud nine. Also, the urge to engage more in life as a couple burns you because you want to continue your love affair with this attractive girl. Alas, this seductive woman seems to come off. How, now, can this woman tell you: “I don’t feel anything anymore? I prefer that we leave it there” And you wonder. Why has this woman lost her interest in me? How to explain that she lost her interest?

After a few weeks or even a few months, she loses her interest and you don’t understand why. Indeed, not long ago, she told you that she had butterflies in her stomach, that she was very happy by your side, etc…

Some men are very surprised by this loss of attraction or attraction. Indeed, thanks to their game of seduction, these bachelors had succeeded in making a girl fall in love. But now their girlfriend no longer seems to be attracted. Let’s look at why she lost interest in you.

Understand a woman’s interest in you

Before answering the question, you ask me: why has a woman lost her interest in me? You have to understand why this girl who was conquered comes to tell him that she no longer likes him. Thus, our seducer must understand two things about the fairer sex:

First, putting a woman at the center of your life is the biggest mistake in seduction. There is no challenge if you are too acquired. To be in love with excess does not excite me. And, women are also very good at feeling this kind of thing.

The second mistake you make is not understanding that women react to experiences and emotions. They are therefore subject to fluctuations. Thus, a woman can, being sincere, very well tell her boyfriend that she has butterflies in her stomach. Then fifteen days later, tell him that it’s going too fast or that it’s not going to do it.

Why such a backward step? Quite simply because they are sensitive beings, influenced by the emotions and experiences of the moment.

The 5 reasons why a woman lost her interest in you?

It is therefore important to know this information when you are trying to seduce a woman or when you fall madly in love with a girl you have just flirted with. Let’s now examine the five causes of this loss to understand why a woman loses her interest in you.

She overvalued you in her vacuum of seduction

So, the first cause of the loss of interest is an error in the quality of the relationship. Let’s say his hopes are dashed because they didn’t match his expectations. The work of seduction was well done, but the confrontation with reality stifled the budding flame.

This interested girl has noticed that your life isn’t as good as she thought. Or any other than the one you dangled to him to get him interested in you. She had overvalued you in your vacuum.

Because of this, she will lose her interest for the following reasons.

– Your romantic relationship is not fulfilling enough. No more whirlwinds of emotions! Farewell, the fascination of the beginning! Now it no longer vibrates. Especially since you have gone into couple mode, metro, work, sleep.

– The second reason can come from your personality: too party animal, too homely, too jealous, without ambition, etc… Far from pleasing women, these excesses or this lack of confidence will undermine your assets of seduction. Therefore, she quickly tells herself that it will not stick between you.

She never considered a relationship with you

The second case, more common than you think, is that this girl has simply never considered a potential relationship with you. You were just a passing experience.

This seductress knows how to attract the attention of men and make them succumb. Instinctively, women are more gifted in the art of seduction. They can be attractive to charm a man, catch his eye and make him crack. They know what attracts men and will play the interest to succeed in seducing this attractive being.

Then, after testing her ability to seduce, she leaves. So basically, a woman hasn’t lost her interest, she’s just managed to lure you into her net. But, although quickly seduced, you only served to boost his ego.

You haven’t made enough room for him in your life.

The third cause of loss of interest (it’s the rarest) is that you haven’t made enough room for him in your single life or your calendar. So she just got tired of chasing after you or waiting for you to make the first move.

Either your attempts at seduction were clumsy because you were slow to establish physical contact, to sexualize the conversation to show him your real interest. Or, you have stopped the process of seduction, believing this woman acquired.

To continue to seduce a woman, the seducers must ensure their presence not intermittently. Because, you know, a woman is more abundant than a man. So, she told herself that she could seduce a man who considers her fair value and thus find the love so longed for. It’s a rare case, when asked why a woman lost her interest in me, but which demonstrates a lack of understanding of romantic seduction.

You have become needy

The fourth cause of this fall of interest or disinterest in a person who attracts you is that you have become needy (too nice). This is the reverse of what we have just seen and, also, the most common case.

As you made this woman the priority in your life, the challenge disappeared as did the fear of losing you. Who would take interest in playing a game that one is sure to win? There is no charm in conquering a man without producing effort.

Women love hard-to-hook men. What appeals to women is to attract a somewhat enigmatic man. Not an easy-to-decipher open book. Yes, women have a weakness for somewhat mysterious, hard-to-reach guys!

What you don’t understand is that to make a woman fall in love, you must neither exclude her nor make this woman your priority. Because the imbalance of the level of value will pose a problem for him. Either she feels devalued or overvalued compared to your value, but never equal to you.

What you need to do is open the door of your life to this woman and maintain an active social life. If you have a full life, I can tell you that not only should this woman be attracted to you, but also that her interest in you will only grow.

She is testing you

And the fifth cause is that sometimes this woman will test you. Perhaps to assess his seductive strength or improve his seductive potential? Still, she seeks to seduce more or to please physically. This need to seduce reflects this woman’s loss of interest in you.

Above all, I draw your attention to the fact that if she tests you, it means that she has strong doubts about your value. I can tell you that she wouldn’t allow herself to test Brad Pitt or any other irresistible being. So if she’s testing you, it’s because doubts about your value are present in her mind. Watch out for the friend zone!

We have just analyzed the five causes that cause a woman to lose interest in you. I cannot recommend enough that you avoid becoming needy too quickly. Because it is the main error that I see in coaching in seduction.

What destroys a woman’s interest in you

Generally, at the beginning of the interaction, the seduction goes well. Your flirting method allowed you to seduce a girl. Everything works wonderfully. You were able, despite your shyness, to conquer the heart of this sexy girl. But, little by little this woman loses interest in you. You don’t understand why.

How do you know what makes a woman lose interest quickly?

The rest of the article tells you what can destroy this woman’s interest in you. This knowledge will help you to have success with the fairer sex or to maintain your power of seduction.

You must stress vector for this woman

At the beginning of the interaction, you brought him positive experiences. In addition, you were also introducing a rewarding addition to his already pleasant life. Then, as you have taken the initiative to put this woman on a pedestal, your desire to be in a relationship becomes, little by little, much stronger than that of this woman. So you become needy.

Thus, you begin to consciously or unconsciously put pressure on him and you become a source of stress. By dint of reproaching him, of being a little less pleasant, of no longer being a player, of no longer being a teaser, you seem to him less interesting, less attractive. However, seduction is fun and light.

Yet, by becoming needy, you offer the opposite. You begin to be a source of stress since you expect a return identical to your excessive investment. You have to understand that sometimes her level of interest is not high enough for her to invest as much as you do.

In addition, your eagerness frightens him and this anguish stifles the beginning of a spark that only wanted to be reinforced. It’s the fact that she interests you so much that makes you feel needy. Your passion and your haste cause the weakening of his interest.

You put this woman at the center of your life

The second potential reason for a woman to lose interest in you is that you often put this woman at the center of your life. This becomes your number one priority.

In conclusion, you drop your ambition, you abandon your social circle, and you forget yourself in favor of this woman. And this vision is a major error in seduction.

You must show her that she is one of your priorities so that she falls in love and can become attached to you. But it shouldn’t be the only priority in your life.

Moreover, this excessive attachment is harmful to you because your expectations will be disproportionate compared to what this woman can bring you. And even well above what this one wants to bring you. Be light, be fun. Bring her positive experiences to make her dream or escape.

What attracts women is a strong man, who knows how to take initiative. Not a little doggie! So, to keep your chances of seducing, rekindle your ambitions and avoid putting pressure on him, especially with the notion of a couple.

The loss of emotional control

Finally, what explains the etiolation of this interest is that generally, you lose your emotional control. The investment in time, in thought, and probably even in money is so considerable that he does not find the expected return.

Indeed, when you give him compliments, it is not necessarily reciprocal or up to your expectations. Also, you tense up and instantly lose your emotional control. And, under these conditions, you will show him your insecurities, which are far from seducing the greatest number and even less from pleasing girls.

Therefore, instead of attracting women, you will drive away that woman who is looking for someone emotionally stable. She will tell herself that you are not strong enough to trust herself. Indeed, you do not demonstrate a sufficiently masculine polarity to be able to rely on yourself or to feel secure.

Your insecurities cause you to lose interest in a woman

embody masculinity

Generally, the male polarity is freedom, while the female polarity is to create a bond, to want to be in a relationship. And when you show an exaggerated desire to get into a relationship, your girlfriend will question herself.

This woman will think that because of your emotional instability or your lack of emotional control, you do not correspond to the kind of masculinity she is looking for. This distortion, the source of your insecurities is linked to two problems: the lack of abundance and the weakness of self-esteem.

Of course, when we are attracted to a woman we like, we try to conquer her love. And for that, we are ready for anything. However, you need to put yourself on the same level of interest as this woman or you will destroy her interest in you.

Your level of interest in this woman

Of course, in your eyes, you find her very beautiful, intelligent, even extraordinary, etc., but avoid putting her on a pedestal. The more you show interest, the less she will feel for you.

This is the story of communicating vessels: the faster the level of interest of one rises, the more that of the other falls. Because suddenly, you become acquired and when you become acquired, you are no longer an attractive being or able to seduce a person.

So, be his equal, and enhance your self-esteem to better seduce. To continue to attract her attention, it is necessary to make a girl laugh. You will see, showing lightness will help you to create complicity and will be less harmful than the pressure exerted previously.

The levels of interest – An inverted communicating vessel

Here are three common mistakes made when a woman loses interest in you.

However, first, I would like to talk to you about the levels of interest and in particular the inverted communicating vessels. I have already mentioned it above but I insist because it is important to understand it well.

So when a woman starts to lose interest in you, then your level of interest in her starts to rise sharply. And that’s where you’re going to make mistakes. You no longer have emotional control. As a result, you do not know how to handle such a situation. It leads to you running after that girl and putting yourself in demand. Which, I repeat, is a serious mistake.

So, be well aware that what you call love or attachment results from the inverted communicating vessels of the levels of interest. The more this woman will lose interest in you, the more like magic yours will grow.

Confess your feelings

Your first mistake, when this woman loses interest in you, is to confess your feelings to her. It follows, then a string of declarations of love, a succession of fiery SMS. In short, you run after him, you even put yourself in demand.

Finally, you begin, truly, to become very needy for fear of losing her definitively. However, such behavior is a mistake. It is an attitude devoid of all attraction. So, instead of arousing attraction, you will permanently drive it away.

This loss or decrease in interest did not happen all at once unless, of course, you made a major mistake. It is necessary to know that his level of interest began to decline little by little. Gradually, you lost points throughout the interaction. As you can see, this is not a problem of feelings.

So, confessing your feelings to him shows that you don’t understand his discomfort. Plus, you’ll smother her with your feelings. Therefore, you will cause the erasure or even the disappearance of his interest in you.

Ask for explanations

The second mistake you also make is asking for explanations. When you feel that this woman is losing interest in you, you start to panic. So, you seek to obtain explanations, to express your feelings about the situation. This woman who has lost her interest in you doesn’t care about your moods. She attaches no importance to your discomfort.

Therefore, asking him for explanations will be useless. In particular, because it will not provide you with real explanations, except in the event of a major fault. Then, stop wasting time expressing feelings unnecessarily. From now on, she no longer bothers to answer you.

Thus, to ask for explanations is to show your incomprehension of female psychology. You should know that generally, women speak indirectly and not frontally. It is through signals distilled here and there that she stipulated to you the loss of her interest.

However, you failed to see these warning signs, these warning signs. Also, your reaction often comes too late. Especially since you will have to fight against the current. In this case, recovering the situation is almost utopian unless you are patient and raise your value in the eyes of this woman. Therefore, it is a mistake to request an explanation or justification.

Don’t leave

Finally, the third mistake you make is not leaving. You continue to maintain your attention on him. However, as soon as you notice this woman losing interest, it is appropriate to withdraw your attention immediately. It’s the only way to avoid being in demand and becoming needy. Because you are going to stay there waiting for this woman who is getting further and further away.

Unfortunately, with this behavior, you can neither save your couple nor improve the situation. Because, gentlemen, I repeat to you, when you see that this woman has lost her interest, it is often too late to raise the bar. The only recourse is to leave and enhance your worth. Then once your value has been enhanced, come back to it since the relationship of seduction will be modified.

In any case, I recommend that you be attentive to the signs of losing interest in a woman. Moreover, in coaching, you easily identify them. It is true that they were given to you in small steps, and often indirectly and progressively. So watch out, gentlemen! As soon as you feel a decline in interest in you, do not delay in taking action. However, when that woman has lost her interest in you, refrain from making these three mistakes.