Web Hosting: 8 Selection Criteria to Take into Account

Web Hosting: 8 Selection Criteria to Take into Account

The selection of a web hosting and more principally a website host should be completed thoughtfully. Because it guarantees the performance of a website or a personal blog.

1. The type of web hosting

The primary thing to do before beginning is to know the kinds of web hosting that is for your website.

Shared Hosting

We also talk about shared web hosting, because several administrators share the same server. It is the cheapest option, but with limited performance.

Shared hosting is perfect for a small individual blog or a corporate showcase website, for instance, but inappropriate for a high-traffic website.

VPS hosting (virtual private server)

Selecting a VPS is a good concession between devoted hosting and shared hosting. A VPS ensures good performance for your website.

And its cost is a good alternative. This hosting is therefore particularly suitable for companies intended to progress rapidly with needs that will develop over the medium term.

Dedicated hosting

This solution is interesting when managing a high-traffic site or an e-commerce site.

So you might customize the shape according to your requirements. Dedicated hosting is more luxurious but you have an exact server with your operating system.

The cloud

Your website needs great flexibility; the cloud is the most suitable hosting.

The administrator has access to a virtual server that can be resized according to needs and traffic fluctuations. This solution is more expensive.

Once you have defined your needs and chosen the corresponding type of web hosting, check the following points.

2. Storage capacity

The storage capacity needed varies depending on the type of site you want to host. Your storage space requires will be quite different if you make a personal blog with some exemplified articles or an e-commerce website with a crowd of explanatory videos and product photos.

Your requirement for storage space will conclude which kind of hosting you select: shared (with little storage capacity), cloud or devoted (unlimited storage space).

Shared web hosting offers offer storage space from 100 GB up to unlimited.

3. Protection and level of security

A decent website host gives an increased level of security for your data, whether in the event of a bad weather, hacking, breakdown, etc.

The security offered translates into:

  • Https SSL certificates
  • regular server updates
  • protection against DDoS attacks
  • automatic backup
  • fast data recovery
4. Guaranteed speed and performance

It is related to bandwidth. We are talking about the speed at which Internet consumers who visit your website can access the info they are searching for.

It is important to have high bandwidth to avoid bugs when the number of Internet users who consult the site simultaneously increases.

A large bandwidth allows for more traffic without the site losing performance.

5. Domain name and email addresses

Domain name process and hosting are two separate facilities. By choosing a host that offers these two services, you facilitate migrations in the event of a change of domain.

A services provider offers include a domain name offered with your web hosting. As for email addresses, the basic offer (Perso) gives you 10, the intermediate offer (Starter) gives you 150 and the Performance offer offers an unlimited number of email addresses.

6. Development prospects

At the beginning of their activities on the web, administrators most often opt for a shared hosting offer, with limited storage capacity. This meets their needs at a given time, for a moderate cost.

Though, as your activities increase, you will require to switch to a more well-organized, earlier, more safe formula, with better storage capability.

It is therefore vital to select a web host providing a scalable proposal according to your requirements. You may then grow your performance and storage capability easily.

Web hosting service provider makes it easy to switch from web hosting to VPS (Virtual Private Server) as your storage space needs grow.

7. Ease of use

This is an essential criterion if you are taking your first steps in managing a website. You must be able to configure your hosting, your domain name, and your email addresses without calling on a specialist.

In general, hosts already include some pre-installed CMS, as is the case with LWS with its WordPress hosting offer for example.

From the LWS Panel customer area, you can easily manage and configure your web hosting.

Also, check the options included in web hosting offers. Because some web hosts offer a complete installation package, while others only offer you the bare minimum. Everything you need is already pre-installed and included in LWS web hosting packages.

8. Customer Support

Launching alone into the creation of a website without any benchmarks is a project doomed to failure. For you to achieve your goals, opt for a host who supports you at every stage of the life of your website or blog. It must provide you with responsive technical support, available at all hours and every day.

All this, web hosting service provider gives its customers, irrespective of the proposal to which they have subscribed. Thanks to quality customer support available 7 days a week in French, and numerous online tutorials.

Things to think of when selecting your website hosting

Do not take your web hosting choice lightly. Unsuitable hosting could lead to interruptions in the operation of your site in the event of heavy traffic, or conversely cost you a lot of money for a few visits.

By carefully studying the criteria listed above, you will be able to select the most suitable offer for your site.

The solutions obtainable have been planned to be calm to utilize and learn. Suitable for both individuals and professionals, even experts. A web hosting services offers an all-inclusive service including the domain name and dedicated email addresses as well as pre-installed CMS. So, whether you plan to open a showcase site or an e-commerce site, you will necessarily find the formula that best meets your needs.