The Best Entertainment for a Corporate Event

The Best Entertainment for a Corporate Event

The event planner has more than one trick up his sleeve when it comes to organizing top-notch corporate entertainment. All it takes to get started is to discover the right concept. Because an animation for a corporate event is the cornerstone, or the stumbling block, which enriches or impoverishes an event.

A good number of other factors contribute to the good functioning of the organization. In this regard, we can mention the characteristics of the places, the decoration, the equipment, and above all the animator of the corporate event. But once again, it is the choice of entertainment that is the foundation of any good event organization.

The ideal animation corresponds above all to the concept of the event or what one wishes to obtain in terms of atmosphere, whether one is dealing with a seminar, an incentive, a launch, a trade show, etc. The idea is not only to create an immersive or captivating situation but to leave an imprint in the minds of the participants or the audience. The purpose of the animation is, among others: to bring the public (customers or prospects) back to the object of the animation (the product, the brand, the company, etc.), or to build loyalty, with the organizer (the group, the company, etc.).

Where to start and how to choose the right corporate event animation to achieve these results?

The events market is now at the top of the list of the most dynamic services, with more than sixty billion euros in annual turnover. The sector stands out above all for its diversity, and its ability to assimilate almost all spheres of activity, even what we think to be the most improbable. Here is a list of the most well-known animation categories.

Musical entertainment

Music is present in any organization, no matter how solemn. It is an atmosphere-creating animation. In terms of events, there is a wide variety of musical entertainment: artist shows, cabarets, decaying, orchestra, thematic musical entertainment, etc. Each presentation meets a specific objective that must be studied beforehand. The purpose of this may be to soften the atmosphere or to create ambiance, to accompany the animators, to animate dance sessions, and so on.

Culinary activities and bars

This is a category of very trendy activities in the event field. Culinary entertainment also comes in a variety of forms. They can take the form of barbecue-style entertainment, chef shows, cooking workshops and classes, bar and cocktail entertainment, buffets, catering, and gastronomic stands. Entertainment is generally designed to entertain while developing a sense of good food.


Also, a great classic in terms of events, shows still have room to conquer in corporate events. This material encompasses various artists ranging from crooners, magicians, contemporary dancers, clowns, etc.

Sports and physical activities

Sporting events are those that involve the target audience. They are used in corporate events such as team building, recreational outings, etc. Led by coaches, guides or facilitators, they appeal to the fighting spirit of each participant. There are collective activities, intense activities such as trekking, and others for thrill seekers…


Beyond their playful nature, games are activities that often require intellectual and sometimes also require physical effort. It is often through the games that the participants give the most of themselves while being more voluntary in their approach to cohesion. These activities are of several kinds. There are board games, puzzle games, escape games, shooting games, etc. There are also immersive and technological games that are more fun and that appeal to everyone’s abilities: simulators, VR, interactive games, etc.


This is another novelty in the world of corporate events. As its name suggests, the activity in question takes place in a completely different field, which may be located in the city of the participants, but also another. Generally, this type of activity takes place within the framework of incentives. It can be a discovery trip or stay, or even a real business vacation!

Choose animation for a corporate event

The choice of animation for a corporate event is guided by the needs in terms of impact. While focusing his ideas on the reputation of the event itself, the organizer must also think about the objectives of the event itself. Is this a solution to improve group cohesion?

Orient yourself towards activities conducive to groups or regrouping. Is this a rewarding event? Why not an incentive trip or setting up an ephemeral playground? Is it a rewarding activity that encourages teamwork or individual achievement at the same time? The list is long: cooking workshops, escape games, etc.

But how much does a corporate event animation cost?

The issue of cost is quite complex. There are a lot of factors to ponder in the calculation. In this regard, we can mention the number of participants, the age group, the expected attendance, the characteristics of the chosen location, the type of entertainment, the location, and the expected benefits.

To this will be added the price of the corporate event host who will have his scale… But in general, event agencies are often more inclined to adapt their service offer to the organizer’s budget. In other words, the choice of animation will depend on the funding involved. It is therefore right to carefully study the advice of the event entertainment agency, then to negotiate its offer to obtain the best possible service.