How to Use a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

How to Use a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Wondering how to use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner? With a suction power greater than that of a conventional vacuum cleaner, this versatile device is capable of absorbing both liquids and fine particles. Discover how it works and our tips for using this super-powerful professional vacuum cleaner.

How does a wet and dry vacuum cleaner work?

Wet/dry vacuum cleaners are some of the most versatile cleaning devices on the market. They thus make it possible to absorb liquids, but also all types of dirt, from fine dust to larger caliber debris, thanks to a powerful motor.

To know how to use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, it is essential to understand how it works. This differs from conventional vacuum cleaners. The secret of this multi-function vacuum cleaner is in its tank and its very special filters.

The main filter is thus able to retain fine particles such as plaster dust. The tank can be used without a bag when absorbing liquids. Perfectly hermetic, it then protects the motor from humidity.

It is then thanks to the accessories, nozzle, and rotating brush in particular, which are changed according to the needs, that one manages to clean all types of coatings, from smooth surfaces to the most irregular.

How to use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner?

When vacuuming dust or liquids, always carefully follow these instructions for use.

Tip 1: In wet vacuum mode, remove the bag and filter

If you want to absorb liquids, always make sure to remove the bag and filter from your device. These could indeed be damaged by water.

Tip 2: For dust, use suitable filters and bags

For fine dust or larger caliber debris, always choose a bag and filter suitable for the type of dirt to be cleaned.

Tip 3: Choose the right nozzles

Always be sure to use the correct accessories for your needs. Select a nozzle for water when vacuuming liquids and a nozzle reserved for dust when vacuuming debris.

Tip 4: Do not vacuum ash and cement A construction vacuum cleaner is not suitable for vacuuming particles such as ash and cement.

Maintenance tips for a wet and dry vacuum cleaner

You now know how to use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. To preserve its longevity, now follow our valid maintenance advice regardless of the brand of the device.

Clean the filters of the device

To maintain a powerful vacuum cleaner and maintain optimal efficiency, the filters can be changed or cleaned when they are clogged. Shake your filters outside then clean them with a soft cloth or brush. Be careful not to damage them by using too hard accessories which could tear them.

How to empty your vacuum cleaner?

Your device should be emptied regularly, both in wet and dry vacuum mode. As soon as the device seems to lose power, the sound level of the suction weakens, change the paper bag and clean the tank with a damp cloth.

After vacuuming liquids, drain the tank. Empty its contents over a sink then rinse with clean water before drying the various parts of the device.

You now know how a wet and dry vacuum cleaner works and how to use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Do not hesitate to discover an online platform to know how to choose your professional vacuum cleaner!