Artificial Intelligence Invites Itself Into Your Video Creation

Artificial Intelligence Invites Itself Into Your Video Creation

We are excited to announce a lot of new features in the professional animated video maker. AI allows you to produce great-looking videos faster than ever, with natural-sounding text-to-speech, frame-by-frame object search, automatic background noise removal for voice-overs, and more. Let’s take a look at what is new, starting with a video by going through artificial intelligence invites itself into your video creation.

Artificial Intelligence Invites Itself into Your Video Creation

Produce your videos even faster

Do not waste time look for your favorite characters and accessories. Access to all your accessories and characters when you need them, in one click!

The new Media Library panel makes it easy to find props, characters, and scenes you have used in other videos, and drop them into the video you are currently working on.

Automatic background removal

By uploading your images, you can remove the background directly in AI’s interface. Now all you have to do is use this image as a prop in your video.

Color picker from an image

Scrolling through the entire library to find the right accessory is now a thing of the past! Artificial intelligence automatically selects accessories that match your photo.

Make life easier for your video design teams

Do you have large enough teams? A decentralized budget structure? With multi-subscription accounts, you now have the option to pay together or separately while continuing to collaborate.

Enterprise Content Sharing and User Groups

Reduce on-boarding, access rights management, and offshoring with a single click thanks to new collaboration management tools. Define “collaboration zones” (shared spaces) and/or quickly share videos on ad hoc lists (groups of users).

Improve the speech of your characters

The new AI-based text-to-speech sounds more natural because it is derived from the voices of real people. It is still so easy to use. Simply type your texts, choose the character who must speak, his language, and the voice among a list of women and men, and listen to your script pronounced in a realistic human voice!

Improved audio recording

Does your neighbor play his music during your voice recordings? Is a lawn mower working near you? You can remove these harmful background sounds from your voice-over. New features are already ready to be released, with Mobile. You will be able to view and display your videos quickly and easily from your phone. We will tell you more!