A Guide for Women Who Want to Improve Their Style

A Guide for Women Who Want to Improve Their Style

Does your wardrobe give you the impression of being locked into a style that does not suit you? Despite everything, do you still want to feel better in your clothes and be more confident in outfits that reflect your clothing style?

Believe it or not…

Having a chic dressing room is much easier than you think

For nearly 10 years, Mademoiselle Grenade has been offering fashion advice and tips to women so that they can shape their style of dress and improve their buying behavior in terms of image and style.

With that in mind, we’re sharing our top style tips for rocking yours. It is important to us that you can feel confident, like the powerful and beautiful woman you already are.

Find your style

The next time you admire the image and style of someone you find particularly stylish and beautiful, ask yourself the question: “Why do I find her beautiful and stylish?”.

Is it his streetwear side? Is it because she appears to be a very glamorous woman? Is it his cool and relaxed look? Is it because she always seems comfortable despite a dress style very close to the body? Is it because your gaze is constantly drawn to the assurance that she exudes?

Become an anthropologist and reproduce this personal style that captivates you. Rather than judging, reproduce what makes you vibrate in this person to shape your style of dress and your allure.

It is not a question of reproducing an identical complete look but simply of capturing the aesthetics of an element, of a detail in particular.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you want to feel more (insert your wish) and (insert another feeling). Now think about the women you admire who reflect that in their behavior and the way they dress.

These women grab your attention because they do it genuinely. Through their clothing choices, they release their feelings and their emotions. They dress to express who they are inside.

There are many ways to be glamorous, sexy, and elegant…

Audrey Hepburn’s style is different from that of Meghan Markle or Margot Robbie. What are the elements that make up each of their clothing styles? Take a look on Google or Pinterest to analyze the style of each of the women you admire the most or who make you vibrate the most. Observe, analyze, and capture what suits you the most and comes close to your ideals, your personality, and what you want to address to the people around you.

What do you want to communicate? How can you convey your personality, feelings, and emotions through your clothes?

Understand why you love something to wear that’s you!

Women (and men) with incredible styles listen to their tastes and build their wardrobes around them. Their dressing room is made up of pieces that reflect who they are and what they like.

By understanding why you like a particular piece of clothing, you’ll have an easier time choosing pieces that work together to give you a style that’s right for you.

Like everyone else, you’ve heard phrases like, “Oh, that’s a nice jacket. “, “This shirt is cool”, “These pants are awful”, and “I want this dress”!

The next time you like a piece of clothing or have a negative feeling about it (a piece in your wardrobe, a colleague’s jacket, a dress in a store…) try to understand what brings you this affection or this rejection.

When we are attracted or repelled by an item of clothing, it is usually because there are one or more details that lead us to accept or reject it. Whether it’s its fabric, its color, its pleats, or a printed pattern…it’s essential to understand why you like it or hate it.

When you start paying attention to these details, you hone your sense of style and begin to realize what matters to you. You determine your style preferences. This information is valuable for dressing with more style, class, and elegance. Being aware of the reasons why we are attracted to something allows us to benefit our clothing style.

Wear all the pieces of your wardrobe at least once

Let’s be honest, you have plenty of clothes you’ll never wear but don’t want to get rid of.

Forget Marie Kondo’s very fashionable tricks. Or at least for your wardrobe. Instead, follow the tips we offer to free up space in your closets, without spending too much money or too much time.

Wearing each item of clothing in your wardrobe will inevitably lead you to one of two feelings: either new vigor and possible inspiration, or the obvious feeling that the item in question must disappear.

If you have mixed feelings about giving up an item of clothing, put it aside for a moment and put it on again a little later. Eventually, you will see more clearly and know if this garment is worth keeping or not.

Wear every one of your clothes, including the ones you’ve never worn. When you’ve worn them all, you’ll be able to see which ones look like you, make you feel confident, and which ones detract from the image you want to present and don’t match your personality.

Arm yourself with a must-have skill

As in many disciplines requiring creativity, such as painting, music… you must master the rules like a pro to be able to break them later, like an artist.

Look at the great names in French gastronomy for example the personal style of a great chef develops best when creativity meets competence. But making a name for yourself in the cookware industry doesn’t happen on its own. It is essential to learn how to handle the knives, the cuts, and the cooking times… to progress step by step in the culinary arts. Sure, sometimes it comes naturally, but more often than not it’s the culmination of effort combined with self-expression that eventually leads to talent and fame. Hone your skills and you too will have more freedom to play with fashion.

Do not hesitate to follow the masters who share their expertise on social networks, blogs, specialized sites, etc.

Learn about the fundamentals of fashion and style and apply the lessons learned during your readings and discoveries. Don’t hesitate to browse the different articles on Mademoiselle Grenade, for example. We promise you will soon be confident in making sophisticated choices. You will feel more comfortable exploring your creativity and expanding your horizons. Your style is at the end of the road.

Understand and embrace your body type

Your body is the ultimate fashion accessory. It is a blank canvas and is just waiting for your talent to reveal itself as a masterpiece. When we have trouble understanding how to dress our figure, it has the effect of hindering our creativity and/or highlighting our doubts. We feel limited in our clothing choices and we end up facing significant frustration.  This is why you must know and understand your morphology.

Knowing your morphology is:

  • Learn to play with your proportions, your measurements;
  • Understand how your figure interacts with clothing and vice versa;
  • An essential step to making smarter purchases and putting an end to frustrating shopping sessions.

Your body and as it is. It will continue to evolve with age. Learn to love your physical assets and work on your clothing style based on them. Women who know their morphology, their assets, and their faults know how to dress their figure to flatter it.

Take your hairstyle up a notch

When we realize, after the fact, that we forgot to pay a little more attention to our morning preparation, this generally has the effect of diminishing our self-confidence and the image that we wish to offer of ourselves.

Imagine a man who is perfectly dressed but has his hair done badly or who forgot to brush his teeth before a romantic date. Also imagine, for example, a celebrity with an undone hairstyle on the red carpet of a film festival. These people are certainly fabulous, but their little negligence distorts the image we have of them.

It’s not about being perfectly styled like a movie star or supermodel day in and day out, but keep in mind that a simple ponytail can make you look like you’ve just woken up. like the image of a person who is always chic and elegant.

The only difference is the little extra effort you will put into creating either of these ponytails.

Do not hesitate to make some lifestyle changes to have more maintained hair. Browse the tutorials available on the Internet, and photos on Instagram or Pinterest to find new daily practices and hair routines to have hair worthy of your brand-new style. This way you’ll get more compliments on your hairstyle and less of the impression of neglecting it sometimes.

Add new neutral shades

For most people, neutral colors are black, white, gray, or navy blue. And these people only wear these shades.

If you’re one of those people who scare off bright colors and/or find your style boring, try incorporating alternative neutral colors. Have you considered brown hues? In shades of burgundy? Greens? Creams?

And then, believe it or not, leopard print is increasingly seen as neutral. It’s a good way to add a touch of chic and sexy fantasy to her outfits, isn’t it?

The next time you want to buy an item of clothing in a neutral shade, try one in a shade you don’t usually wear.

Try what usually seems “too much” to you

Often, when shopping with friends, we hear phrases like:

  • I can’t afford to wear this;
  • We’ll think I’m doing too much;
  • I love this outfit, but people will think I am insane.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is scary for most people, but you should understand that getting noticed isn’t disastrous. You can dare! Stop constantly wanting to be discreet and blend in with the crowd. Whatever you do you will be judged for one thing or another anyway. If it happens, to be Passe-partout, you wear so-called “trendy” clothes that don’t show you off. So why not do it differently? Treat yourself: you can never satisfy everyone.

Try something new, different, unusual. Something that allows you to get out of your comfort zone a little: a new lipstick, little original shoes, a pencil skirt if you only wear pants…

The more you get used to wearing clothes that don’t match your current style (the one that bothers you) the less you’ll care about the little voices that keep you from doing it today. Say goodbye to thoughts like, “I can’t wear this because I’m going to be judged.”   Believe it, the more you try, the more your style will develop and the more fulfilled you will be.

Force yourself to wear clothes and accessories that you are not used to wearing. Before long, without even realizing it, you will be strolling down or with a long sequined dress without worrying about the (ultimately benevolent) gazes of passers-by.

Use accessories to tame the color

Wearing colors is often a challenge for anyone used to composing their looks with neutral shades.

To tame the color, do not hesitate to use accessories. It’s a simple way to wear more colors and find the ones you love. You can use all types of accessories: shoes, handbags, earrings, scarves, hair clips… This technique is not only simple but works perfectly because the color blends easily with neutral shades. So you do not need to worry about the result.

It’s up to you: take action

Try, change, try again. Again and again. Do it until you don’t feel like trying anymore. No one is born savvy and sophisticated. You’re not alone in wondering how you could improve your clothing style. Learn! Do your research, test, and test again! Strive to be the best version of yourself, day in and day out. Over time, you will transform your style and give it the vision you have today. Before long, you will have the look you dream of you.